“When moved down to Houston from the overseas one year ago, I was looking for a Muay Thai Gym. Luckily there was one right in Midtown. During the first day I realized that this is the best gym I’ve ever seen in the entire World including Europe and Russia. They treat people well and as a foreigner I feel myself as part of big and friendly family. Great facilities, perfect atmosphere and the best coaches (especially Oliver, Jeremy and Michael). Highly recommend.”
– Dmitry

“I cant say enough how much i love Muay Thai, and how much i have learned and grown as a person attending this gym.It will whip you into shape, teach you great technique and skills all under the professional instruction of Kru Bob Perez and Coach Chase Corley. Safe, professional, clean, and lots of fun, i highly recommend coming to Houston Muay Thai for anyone who wants to learn (beginner) or improve their Muay Thai. There are plenty of beginner and advanced classes as well as a cardio class. Its the best place in our city so check it out!”
– Phillipe

“I started in January looking for boxing classes and found a love for Muay Thai instead. I wanted to train with the best and I’m doing so every time I come train. This is my first time training a combat sport and coming from bodybuilding industry I found myself lost at first. However I’ve never been to any gym where EVERYONE was so welcoming, patient and willing to help one another. Not only are you training with the best coaches in town but also world champions that are willing to help you get better while in class, so whether is training to become a fighter, learn the sport or get in better shape this is definitely the place to be.”
– Natalia

“HMT is as good as it gets; I started with no martial arts experience and after a little over a year, I can safely say I’ve come a long way. On top of that, I’ve lost a ton of weight! Kru Bob Perez and Coach Cool Hands are the best striking instructors around and if you haven’t stopped by a class, you should.”
– Alex



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